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Feijoada – Brazilian Pork and Bean Stew

Feijoada is considered to be the national dish of Brazil.  Pork and beans  are slowly cooked and served with rice, collard greens and orange slices.

A dish of Portugese origin, it is said that slaves would make this dish out of pork leftovers and black beans. Pig ears, feet and tails are traditionally used in this dish – I opted to leave it out of my version.

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Chicken Mole Poblano

I have always wanted to make a proper Mexican mole sauce (a rich blend of chillies, spices, and chocolate).  Alas I could not source the  proper Mexican chillies you need for this dish in SA so never made it.

Then I came across a company called Mexican Imports SA in Plettenberg Bay that imports all kinds of goodies from Mexico.  As luck would have it I had friends going to Plett that weekend and they were kind enough to bring me back some Ancho and Guajillo chillies.

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Date Night – Mexican Soup, Angry Pork and Lamb Shank

A friend of mine recently gave me a nice cut of bacon. Upon first seeing the piece of meat I thought it was a duck breast. The idea of duck got stuck in my mind and I decided to convert an Angry Duck recipe into  “Angry Pork”.  This will then be a starter for date night  where the two other dishes are Mexican Soup and Lamb Shank with oven roasted veg.

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