Last Updated on 22 April 2024 by Adrienne

We’re Tanya and Adrienne, and we’re delighted to welcome you to our food blog from our new home in beautiful Portugal!

Nestled in the picturesque coastal village of Melkbosstrand near Cape Town, South Africa, we first embarked on our culinary journey. Now, we find ourselves exploring the vibrant culinary scene and breathtaking landscapes of Portugal, and being in Europe offers us an exciting opportunity to delve into the diverse cuisines of the continent.

Thursday evenings continue to hold a special place in our hearts as dedicated date nights, where we indulge in showcasing our culinary skills and experimenting with new flavors inspired by the rich Portuguese cuisine.

Adrienne, a proud South African, continues to enjoy the art of braaiing, crafting potjiekos, and savoring charcuterie delights. Meanwhile, I’m passionate about exploring the diverse Portuguese cuisines, experimenting with local spices, and pairing them with the finest Portuguese wines.

In the Back to Basics section, you’ll find short recipes that I frequently use, providing a convenient digital alternative to writing them down on scraps of paper. The Date Night Gallery showcases photos of our culinary creations from evenings when we didn’t have time to blog the whole recipe but still wanted to share the delicious food we prepared for our date nights.

Our blog is a reflection of our culinary adventures, where we’ve grown and refined our skills over the years. We take pride in authenticity, opting to share our own creations rather than using stock photos.

We’re grateful for the inspiration and guidance we’ve received from talented chefs and food enthusiasts along the way, and we’re excited to continue sharing our passion with you from our new home in Portugal.

Thank you for joining us on this delicious journey!

Warm regards,
Tanya & Adrienne