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Date night sosatie extravaganza

Sosatie (pl sosaties) is a traditional South African dish of meat (usually lamb or mutton) cooked on skewers. The term derives from sate (“skewered meat”) and saus (spicy sauce). It is of Cape Malay origin, used in Afrikaans, the primary language of the Cape Malays, and the word has gained greater circulation in South Africa. Marinated, cubed meat (usually lamb) is skewered and braaied (barbecued) shish-kebab style. Sosatie recipes vary, but commonly the ingredients can include cubes of lamb, beef, chicken, dried apricots, red onions and mixed peppers. Source: Wikipedia

I think most South Africans will agree that sosaties are an essential ingredient for any traditional South African braai. I decided to make four types of different sosaties using different marinades and different meats for date night.

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Springbok Fillet with Café de Paris Butter

Café de Paris butter was first served in the 1940s at the Café de Paris restaurant in Geneva.  There are many different variations but the key ingredients are usually citrus, herbs, curry powder and anchovies – not a combination that sounds very compatible but this flavoured butter is  delicious. Continue reading Springbok Fillet with Café de Paris Butter

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Date Night – Mexican Soup, Angry Pork and Lamb Shank

A friend of mine recently gave me a nice cut of bacon. Upon first seeing the piece of meat I thought it was a duck breast. The idea of duck got stuck in my mind and I decided to convert an Angry Duck recipe into  “Angry Pork”.  This will then be a starter for date night  where the two other dishes are Mexican Soup and Lamb Shank with oven roasted veg.

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